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Technical Specifications of Liquid Roof and Liquid Rubber


Liquid Rubber is designed as an easy-to-apply process and boasts a weatherometer-200 hours. It has a pot life of 4 to 10 hours depending on the temperature. Cure rates are dictated by availability of oxygen and temperature, but—assuming curing is available—it requires 18-42 hours to touch and 48-54 hours to walk on. If Liquid Rubber is allowed to cure uninterrupted, it takes 3-7 days for a full cure.

Both Liquid Rubber and Liquid Roof require a temperature of at least 55° F in order to cure. If temperatures drop below that temperature, the curing will stop and re-start once 55° F+ temperatures resume.

Liquid Rubber and Liquid Roof strongly resist acids, polar solvents and alkalis by utilizing a two-component curing system that’s kickstarted with a heat resistance of 302° F.

Keep in Mind: Mixing the Catalyst and Liquid Rubber

Remember that curing requires both a minimum temperature and oxygen. Oxygen initiates the catalyst for peroxide decomposition. How quickly your application cures depends on the temperature. However, even if temperatures fall below 55° F, the end result will not be impacted.

What is Liquid Rubber?

Liquid Rubber is truly the liquid version of EPDM, and the physical properties are similar. You get the benefits of traditional EPDM like a great resistance to water damage and penetration. Liquid Rubber also stands up to UV and ozone damage and has fantastic anti-aging properties. This product can withstand temperatures that range from 300° F to -62° F, so it’s suitable for almost any environment. It easily handles ponding water and resists both acid and alkali. When spreading Liquid Rubber, the ideal rate is 20 mil. dry film at 42 sq. ft. per gallon for smooth surfaces. You can expect one gallon of mixed product to weigh 8 pounds, have an elongation of 180-200%, a brittle point at -62° F and tensile at 680 psi.

EPDM Technical Properties

  • Testimonials

    • Hello,

      My name is Jeremy Berkheimer and I purchased the liquid roof coating earlier this spring. I am attaching the before and after photos of my 38 sandpiper roof. This coating was awesome. It took some real cleaning before hand and a I got a bit of extra exercise spreading it but the finished product seems well worth it. Thanks!

    • Hi

      Please find attached before and after photos for my camper roof. I forgot to snap a pic of the before, so I had already started applying the Proflex primer when I took the picture. You can still see the condition of the roof though! Also, the after pic was after the newly coated roof endured it’s first rainfall.

    • Paul

      Hi Everyone, I completed my project and it was much easier than I thought, I wish I had done this years ago, and glad I chose this coating versus the other offerings out there. I will send you 2 more emails, this is the start of cleaning, next is primer, the third is the coating. Hope they are worth of a gift card. Thanks

    • Fred D.

      EPDM is amazing. My RV roof was a disaster. I have been battling leaks for a few years now and no other product would stop the leaks or even last more than a few months. Everything else would peel up after awhile. I used the EPDM with the primer. It rained a week later. Zero leaks! The product goes on easy and covers well. No cracks no bubbles. I am very satisfied and would recommend this product to anyone. The are so many products out there and skepticism runs high…. Read more

    • David R. D

      Just a great product, went on easy and looks great. Just completed my 35 Bus, cut in the rap around sides and around the ACs and vents. Spent the hardest time on cleaning and prep. If you are looking for a product to seal your RV stop looking !!!! David R. DLincolnton GA

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