Liquid Roof for RV’s

Application and Uses

Liquid EPDM us an aftermarket roofing sealant meant to extend the life of your RV another 18-20 years. This one coat application provides extremely effective UV and Ozone protection and as such reduces surface temperatures of your roof which results in less cooling costs

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Liquid Roof; The only Liquid EPDM Rubber Made.

There are numerous liquid products on the market for RV’s and they generally fall into three categories, acrylics, urethanes and elastomerics. Many of us probably are most familiar with elastomeric since we have already tried them. Accelerated age testing was done on all three against Liquid Roof and when the results came back; Liquid Roof outlasted all of them 4 tomes longer. The reason is simply that Liquid Roof is EPDM an extremely resilient and durable material able to stand up to the most extreme conditions and climates. Throughout its twenty five years thousands upon thousands of customers have benefited by this one coat application. There are over 40 videos of satisfied customer on our YouTube Channel. . Listen and you will experience first hand from customers who have use other products less costly only to discover after a year or two their elastomeric coating had cracked. If that is your situation not a problem you can still take advantage of all the benefits of Liquid Roof but first you would need to apply our ProFlex primer over any other type of coating. If you have your original roof then it is simply a one coat application. Even if your roof is down to the black or even the wood you can still apply Liquid Roof.

Some RV repair shops will tell you that you need a new roof. That your roof is too far gone. Well we happen to know firsthand of RV units that are down to the wood and go in for service and what do the RV shops do? They apply Liquid Roof. Save yourself literally thousands by this one coat application. The history of its success to date is in the curing process. A catalyst is added to the material that starts the chemical reaction and as the product cured any air that is between the base roof and the coating is forced to the surface. This leaves our customer with an airtight seal. Try finding another product able to make that claim. Other RV coatings dry very quickly and trap air this eventually gives way to cracking and within 3-4 years the RV owner needs to recoat their roof. It is the only material to take ponding water all year and to waterproof immediately on application so if you just get finished applying the Liquid Roof and it starts to rain there is no need to worry. Your leaks already fixed. In fact if the ponding rain water gets above 55 degrees it will even start curing underwater.

Liquid Roof Application

Since Liquid Roof only needs one coat our customer save time and money and because it’s EPDM your one coat application is expected to last 15-18 years. As we said earlier the only time you would need the ProFlex primer is if you had put on another roof coating or if you have an “Alpha” type rubber roof; Fleetwood is Alpha for example. For any metal, foam or rubber roof just one coat and you are done.

Regarding try times; it normally takes about 25 hours above 50 degrees for the material to develop a skin and then 7 days for a full cure. Should the temp drop below 50 you would need to add that time to the overall cure. So for example if it drops below 50 degrees over the next 15 hours add 15 hours to the overall timeframe. The higher your daytime temperature gets the quicker the material will dry. If you get an unexpected shower no need to worry. Also in the event of that unexpected shower the product is already waterproofed. In fact that ponding rain water will even start curing underwater!. Note that once you mix the catalyst you have approximately a 2-3 hour pot life depending on your daytime temperatures. The higher the temperature the less pot life you have. RV’s customer’s should add 2 cups of bleach to kill any surface mold/mildew along with a standard detergent such as dawn dish washing detergent or Simple Green.



Liquid Roof Features

Some of the unique benefits of the liquid roof are:

  • Applies over all roof types
  • Resiliant to UV and ozone
  • Not effected by standing water
  • Waterproofs directly after application
  • Not damaged by temperatures as low as -40 and is extremely flexible.

Liquid Roof Uses

Liquid Roof is specifically designed for RV’s trailers and mobile homes, vehicles that are in motion and has a 10 year unconditional warranty. Only at Buyliquidroof will you find an RV product with a 10 year warranty. The commercial product LIQUID RUBBER is used for pretty much any application. For example canvas, plywood, concrete and non-porous brick, tiles, industrial application, potable water, coatings storage containers, and so much more.

Liquid Roof for RV Roof Repair

After you have applied the Liquid Roof we suggest a couple times a year cleaning your roof with a soft brissle brush and a mild detergent. Even Dawn dish washing detergent is sufficient. The common cause of roof damage is by drivers backing up into overhangs and branches. Be sure you have a clear path when you get to where you are going. A simple clearance check will save you a few hundred dollars.

Unconditional 10 Year Warranty

EPDM Coatings is proud to offer the only one coat 10 Year warranty in the RV industry and is transferrable. With over 25 years of proven success in the RV industry; Liquid Roof has proven time and time again to outperform any other RV roof coating. Once you get to our order form you will be given the opportunity to upgrade to a 10 year warranty or keep the existing 5 year warranty. To upgrade you simply choose “Yes I want a 10 Year Warranty”. The system will automatically update your order by adding enough material to be applied at a 30 mil vs a 30 mil. A gallon covers approximately 42 sq. ft. per gallon but for a 10 year warranty you will want to apply it at the rate of 30 square feet per gallon. Once you place your order you will simultaneously be e-mailed a warranty certificate containing your order summary and warranty number.

  • Testimonials

    • Paul

      Hi Everyone, I completed my project and it was much easier than I thought, I wish I had done this years ago, and glad I chose this coating versus the other offerings out there. I will send you 2 more emails, this is the start of cleaning, next is primer, the third is the coating. Hope they are worth of a gift card. Thanks

    • Fred D.

      EPDM is amazing. My RV roof was a disaster. I have been battling leaks for a few years now and no other product would stop the leaks or even last more than a few months. Everything else would peel up after awhile. I used the EPDM with the primer. It rained a week later. Zero leaks! The product goes on easy and covers well. No cracks no bubbles. I am very satisfied and would recommend this product to anyone. The are so many products out there and skepticism runs high…. Read more

    • David R. D

      Just a great product, went on easy and looks great. Just completed my 35 Bus, cut in the rap around sides and around the ACs and vents. Spent the hardest time on cleaning and prep. If you are looking for a product to seal your RV stop looking !!!! David R. DLincolnton GA

    • Stephen L

      Let me tell you this stuff if fantastic. I replaced my roof several years ago and white rubber was not available at the supply company, it was out of stock and I had to replace the rubber as I had ripped the old off. The black rubber made it miserable in here. I did a lot of research looking for a good quality coating that would last and hold up to the elements. I found your product and was convinced, so I ordered and have now applied. I did not… Read more

    • 5000 sq ft concrete roof

      5000 sq ft concrete roof. Prep work consisted of power wash of roof and preparation of seams as see in “before” picture. Approximately 7 sets of ProFlex primer was used and 28 Pails of Liquid EPDM Rubber. Cost per sq ft approx. $1.66 . Life expectancy is 18-20 before a recoat is needed.

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