Elastomeric Coatings

Elastomeric Roof Coating

1. Brand NAME

EnergyGuardTM Elastomeric Coating for roofs

2. DESCRIPTION of product

Energy Guard high volume solid Elastomeric Coating, acrylic costing’s most roof substrates for tar or asphalt based the Multi-surface primer would be needed

The Uses

Mod bit, (BUR), Concrete Roofs, Form and Single ply membrane roofs as well as rolled roofing


  • Results in a durable membrane which is seamless.
  • Superior durability adhesion as it ages.
  • Built in protective fungicide.
  • UV and ozone protection.
  • Excellent heat reflectivity to assist in reducing energy costs.
  • Outstanding in preventing ageing degradation.
  • Controls thermal cycling to prevent roof failure.
  • Non toxic, and VOC compliant.


3. Information Reference the below table

EnergyGuardâ„¢ Technical Data Sheet

Property Specific Value Method of Testing
Colors: Custom colors are available but standard it white
Viscosity: 6K to 8K cps Brook field
Percent of Solids (weight) 68% ± 2%
Percent of Solids (volume) 60% ± 2%
Specific Density: 11.2 ± .2 pounds per/Gallon
Hardness Factor: 45 – Shore of A ASTM =(D)-2240
Tensile strength 400 ± 50 psi ASTM = (D-)412
Permeability: 3.5 (perm) ASTM = (E)-96
Elongation: 315 percent ASTM = (D) -412
Flash-Point: None
Specific shelf-life of product: 6 Months at 40°-90°F
Cleaning: Water

The product; Energyguard is a water-based elastomeric that freezes below 32°F. You should hold off on any application if weather conditions would prevent the full cure before rain, sunset or freezing temps. Also note the product needs to be completely dry before walking on it or having rain. Eastomeric coatings have elastic properties, which means they can expand and contract during high summer temperatures and then when temperatures decrease will return back to their original shape without jeopardizing the products performance. Typically elastomeric coatings have polymeric components, for example, acrylic, followed by a white pigment, titanium dioxide which allows them to be reflective. Elastomeric coatings should never be confused with paints they are much thicker.

The Energyguard elastomeric coating is to be applied on almost type of surface this included any tar or asphalt surface with the use of the multi-surface primer.


  • All surfaces to be coated must be clean, dry and free of any oil, grease or dirt.
  • Any existing coating must be checked for good adhesion.
  • Before application, any loosely adhered coating must be removed and bare surfaces must be prepared, cleaned and checked for compatibility.
  • Energy Guard & trade; Elastomeric Roof Coating is ready to use. Thinning is not recommended.
  • Containers should not be left open for extended periods of time.
  • Follow our roof restoration procedures and always perform a coating adhesion test before doing the entire roof.
  • Spray: Airless Sprayer, 1gpm, 3,000 psi, .027 or .031 tip.
  • Brush: Good quality synthetic bristle brush.
  • Roller: Short nap roller.
  • Clean Up: Water



EnergyGuardâ„¢ Elastomeric Roof Coating is available directly from EPDM Coatings like liquid rubber and liquid epdm. Pricing information can be obtained from an EPDM Coatings Representatives.


On pre-approved, qualified applications, using approved applicators, a 10 year warranty is available. Contact us for complete warranty information.


Periodic maintenance of Energy Guard Roof Restoration System ensures extended service life and maintains reflectivity.

Roof Restoration Process

Roof Repair
Roof Cleaning
Pressure wash the entire roof surface to remove all dirt, dust, previous paints and coatings that are delaminating and achieve a clean and sound substrate. Some roofs may require special detergents. Call us for recommendations.
Roof Coating

Roof Priming
Prime the roof to ensure good adhesion of all coatings. We have primers suitable for almost all roof types. Even totally rusted roofs.

Stops rust on contact!

Roof Sealing

Sealing Penetrations
When inspecting your roof pay particular attention to any visible gaps in your seams or penetrations. Your parapets should be flashed prior to the application and any loose caulk or silicone needs to be removed and coated with an acrylic caulking.

Metal Roof Coating

Coatings the roof
Any roof needs to be inspected for damage or wear at least twice a year. Particularly in the spring. Elastomeric coatings are very effective cost alternatives to roof replacement and can be applied on the entire roof surface; resulting in a seamless membrane with one simple coat.

Your Roof as good as new!


  • Up to a fifty percent savings vs. a tear off or re-roofing.
  • Heat reflection by up to 75%. save money on energy costs immediately.
  • A very economical way to save money on annoying roof leaks.
  • A ten year manufacturer’s warranty with a two coat application.

Equipment Needed

For larger roofs over 10,000 square feet to save time they are best applied with a high pressure airless sprayer. Your sprayer must be able to deliver at least 3000 psi with a rate of three gallons per minute. For those roofs less than 10,000 sq rollers will be sufficient.

  • Testimonials

    • Dave H.

      Overall, I am impressed with the results I obtained in using Liquid RV roof on my trailer. It was MUCH easier than replacing the membrane with new, and seems to have repaired my leaking roof, extending the life of my RV, as at some point, the cost of reroofing would exceed the RV’s value. Thanks in advance!

    • Mike H.

      My roof was in bad shape. I cleaned it and kept after it a few times a year. We bought the RV used, and there were signs of neglect when we bought it. It had been obviously sitting in the sun for an extended period of time without any care or maintenance. I was about to buy a sheet of EPDM and forego the labor intensive and very expensive task of replacing the sheet roof. Then I saw a video on Youtube for Liquid EPDM. So the research began. “This… Read more

    • Tom Pituch

      I was able to quickly find the 2 pictures I took after I patched the roof. I will continue to look for the before pictures, We have a flat roof with a channel down the middle that leads into a drain pipe system that has been our weak point area all along. Then we installed a sky light which was like adding gasoline to a fire. For years I was blaming the sky light that we installed. We even replaced portions of the sky light and sealed around it many… Read more

    • Bob & Sally H.

      The two pictures are the before and then after using your product Liquid Rubber. Very pleased with the way it turned out! And also the shipping sure came quickly. Have a great and safe day! Bob & Sally H.Yuma AZ

    • Rick M.

      The epdm rubber roof was easy to work with. I am very pleased after having a leaky roof that will be good for many years to come. Roof had mold on it so we first killed the mold with Clorox and water and scrubbed I down and then cleaned the roof with Dawn dish detergent. Attached are the before and after pictures. ThanksRick M.

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