When looking for a sealant…Why is Liquid Roof/Liquid Rubber Your Best Solution?

Over the years we have heard from many of our customers who have installed everything from acrylics to butyl’s and elastomerics on their roofs only to discover that they fail after just a few years. EPDM, or ethylene propylene diene monomer, in the form of Liquid EPDM is a nearly identical to sheet EPDM with a few exceptions. First Liquid EPDM will not chalk unlike the sheet version. EPDM coatings stand up to ponding water, in fact Liquid EPDM will take submerged water 365 days a year! EPDM roof coatings have a very strong success rate in the industry. Liquid EPDM can be applied up to six times thicker than elastomerics and has proven to last 3 times longer than urethanes and elastomerics in testing. At EPDM Coatings we strive to deliver the very best in products to our customers and Liquid EPDM is one such product.

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EPDM Coatings have many uses from roofs to coating air conditioning pans and everything in between. So why is the product so versatile? For starters EPDM can withstand extreme temperatures from minus 62 up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. It does extremely well in salt water environments and has excellent UV and Ozone resistance characteristics. EPDM coatings and Liquid EPDM can even go on mild to medium rust without a primer. Simply a wire brush, power wash and apply one coat of the Liquid EPDM. We now stock a primer that will allow EPDM coatings to be put directly on modified bitumen or tar and asphalt applications. EPDM Coatings is proud of its 25 year history of success Liquid EPDM has proven itself time and time again. When you purchase Liquid EPDM from EPDM Coatings you are buying a product that is a single coat application, forms a seamless membrane and is nearly identical to sheet EPDM; however, it will not chalk like sheet EPDM rubber after 9-10 years. Please give any of our sales representatives a call. We look forward to answering your questions.

Colors and Coloring EPDM

Liquid EPDM comes standard in White, Grey and Black. Custom colors are available for orders over 100 gallons as the adding of the colorant is part of the manufacturing process. You can paint over the liquid EPDM. However, it should be done well after the full cure process, a minimum of a month after application. The EPDM should be wiped down with a rag soaked in either xylene or mineral spirits prior to painting. Water based acrylic paint or polyurethane paints are recommended.


Liquid EPDM Rubber Roof has been used directly over plywood when first priming with the ProFlex primer found on our website. To make a finished roof in situations where expediency and minimal cost were the primary considerations. Although this procedure results in a weaker roof structure, water-tightness can be achieved if the application is performed carefully. The joint between sheets should be positioned directly over a roof truss and securely fastened to prevent warping. Next, to seal the pores, coat plywood with an oil based primer. Allow an overnight cure. Seal the joint by bridging it with a 6? wide polyester fabric strip. Apply a light coat of rubber over the joint, lay fabric into wet rubber and smooth out wrinkles. Complete job by applying a liberal coat of Liquid EPDM Rubber Roof over entire roof surface, being especially careful to completely cover the fabric over the joint without skips or pinholes. Using an oil based primer on the wood considerably improves the appearance of a one-coat application of Liquid EPDM Rubber Roof. Liquid Rubber should not be used on trafficked areas such as decks and porches. You may use the ProPoly but you would need to contact our office to order.

Preventative Maintenance: During new construction, caulks and sealants are used to waterproof around flashings, vents and other protrusions throughout your roof. Liquid Rubber Roof acts as a shield to protect existing caulks and sealants and extend their life substantially. The useful life of metal roofs, whether galvanized steel or aluminum, can also be extended. Liquid EPDM Rubber Roof is the best and also the most cost effective product for solving this problem. Liquid EPDM Rubber Roof does not chalk or shrink, and its one-coat application saves you time and money by sealing and protecting the roof while increasing its value. Liquid EPDM is Easily applied over Metal, Rubber, Fiberglass, Concrete, Wood, Fabric and Foam.


  • Testimonials

    • Dave H.

      Overall, I am impressed with the results I obtained in using Liquid RV roof on my trailer. It was MUCH easier than replacing the membrane with new, and seems to have repaired my leaking roof, extending the life of my RV, as at some point, the cost of reroofing would exceed the RV’s value. Thanks in advance!

    • Mike H.

      My roof was in bad shape. I cleaned it and kept after it a few times a year. We bought the RV used, and there were signs of neglect when we bought it. It had been obviously sitting in the sun for an extended period of time without any care or maintenance. I was about to buy a sheet of EPDM and forego the labor intensive and very expensive task of replacing the sheet roof. Then I saw a video on Youtube for Liquid EPDM. So the research began. “This… Read more

    • Tom Pituch

      I was able to quickly find the 2 pictures I took after I patched the roof. I will continue to look for the before pictures, We have a flat roof with a channel down the middle that leads into a drain pipe system that has been our weak point area all along. Then we installed a sky light which was like adding gasoline to a fire. For years I was blaming the sky light that we installed. We even replaced portions of the sky light and sealed around it many… Read more

    • Bob & Sally H.

      The two pictures are the before and then after using your product Liquid Rubber. Very pleased with the way it turned out! And also the shipping sure came quickly. Have a great and safe day! Bob & Sally H.Yuma AZ

    • Rick M.

      The epdm rubber roof was easy to work with. I am very pleased after having a leaky roof that will be good for many years to come. Roof had mold on it so we first killed the mold with Clorox and water and scrubbed I down and then cleaned the roof with Dawn dish detergent. Attached are the before and after pictures. ThanksRick M.

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